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Nothing makes us more excited than seeing the happy, confident smiles of our patients. From your initial consultation all the way to the end of your cosmetic or restorative treatments, our team at Laguna Beach Dental Arts truly enjoy seeing the results of a perfect smile transformation.

Dr. Willes is skilled in both cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. It is our goal to help you achieve your perfect smile. Take a look at the many ways you can achieve the smile of your dreams!

This patient had some veneers placed a few years ago at another office and was not satisfied with how they turned out.  Unfortunately her upper left central incisor developed a root fracture and had to be extracted.  We worked closely with a local periodontist who placed a dental implant at the site of her missing tooth while we worked up her smile design.  We replaced her existing restorations with a combination of veneers, crowns, and an implant crown.  Now she has a smile that is more lifelike, fits her facial features better, and no one will ever know she is missing a front tooth! We love what we do here!

This lovely 81 year old patient came to us with a bridge on her front two teeth that had become loose.  Her upper right central tooth was broken off at the gum line under the bridge and unfortunately needed to be extracted.  She had an implant placed with an oral surgeon we often work with and we replaced her failing restorations with beautiful new porcelain crowns and veneers.  She couldn’t be happier with her new smile that reflects her glowing personality. 

This patient was new to the Laguna Beach area and was referred to our office from a current patient.  She was unhappy with the color of her front four teeth, did not like how the center line was angled incorrectly, and did not like how small her premolars looked when she smiled.  We placed ten beautiful porcelain veneers for her going from her upper right to upper left premolars.  We brightened the color of her smile, and adjusted the midline to align with her face, did a very small amount of gum re-contouring, and designed the veneers to fill out her smile completely. We are so happy we could give her the smile she always wanted.  

This young man had just gotten engaged and was very self confident about his smile.  He had fallen when he was much younger and a crown was placed on his upper left central tooth.  As he went through adolescence, his body grew and so did the teeth and bone, leaving the crown in a very poor position with a heavily discolored tooth underneath.  This type of case can be very challenging because his upper right central tooth was a great shape, color and had absolutely zero problems.  Because he is a young patient and there was nothing wrong with his upper right tooth, we modeled everything around that.  With some amazing work from our lab, we completed 3 porcelain veneers on his upper left central and both lateral teeth. We were able to give a smile he can be confident showing at his big day!

This was a new patient to our practice that had a boating emergency.  He slipped on the deck of his boat while out sailing and broke his veneers.  We were happy to get him in fast and take care of his emergency.  After we evaluated the health of his teeth, the accident had luckily only broken his porcelain and the underlying teeth we just fine.  Because the two front teeth had to be remade, we decided to create six new porcelain veneers to give his teeth a more natural appearance and reverse the wear that had occurred on his canines.  He was so happy we now see his entire family!

dental emergency chipped tooth

This young patient visited our office because one of her front teeth had formed shorter than the other.  She had always been self-conscious of her smile and now that she was going into high school she wanted to see what could be done about it.  This is a great example of what modern dentistry can achieve. Using composite resin we were able to match the length of her other central incisor, remove no enamel in the process, and get her taken care of in one quick visit, with no anesthesia! What a beautiful smile.

This patient was extremely close to losing many of her teeth from heavy wear and erosion.  We were able to save her teeth through advanced bonding techniques, traditional crowns and multiple veneers.  We were able to achieve a new more youthful smile for her and more importantly save her teeth from further breakdown. 

This patient had a bad habit of chewing cigars which over the years had left deep staining and extremely dark teeth.  He also had a lot of tooth crowding and heavy wear on most all of his teeth.  We worked closely with our local orthodontist to have his teeth aligned with braces and put the teeth right where we needed them for our smile makeover.  With the teeth properly aligned, we went to work giving him 16 beautiful veneers and a smile that he is so proud of.  What a stellar result!

This patient had some very bad experiences with previous dentists and was very apprehensive about any new dental treatment.  She had broken teeth, missing teeth, and had very heavy wear from years of grinding her teeth.  We were able to make her feel so comfortable and relaxed while she received fourteen new teeth through traditional crown and bridge work.  The heavy wear had actually affected her facial height which often gives a more collapsed, “denture like” appearance.  We corrected this with the new restorations giving her back her beautiful facial form and a revitalized smile.  She couldn’t be happier!

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